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I Serve Consultings provides hassle free professional advice and service to make rental transactions easy and smooth. It presents unlimited & exceptional choices of Leasing and Renting property at reasonable prices which are as per the suit of your budget. So if you want to Leasing-Renting property, Invest Man is the best option.


We have a rich database of premium properties ready/being ready for Letting out.

The most attractive rates and terms.

Furnished / unfurnished as per your specification and choice.


Credit worthy tenants

Inventory checks

Property management service

Ensuring financial return as per market trends

Marketing of property through various resources

Furnishing of property in accordance to market demand

Assurance of hassle free letting arrangements

Reach Us
Reach Us

india Office: First Floor, Shop No 10, Shopping Arcade, Mahagunpuram, NH-24 Ghaziabad
Phone: +91 - 97184 337 144
E-mail: enquiry@iserveconsultings.com

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