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Since India is growing by leaps and bounds in the real estate sector, property management in India is gaining prominence. Property management services (PMS) by I Serve Consultings is specially geared up for the NRIs. It undertakes periodic inspections and physical maintenance to keep your property clean and rectify any damage caused by nature or pests. It also ensures regular payment of taxes, insurance premiums and utility bills. A property status report, including accounts of expenditure, is made available on demand.

Our utility services are designed to make things easy for your family. From helping to pay your utility bills or, from facilitating property tax payments to security arrangements at home, I Serve Consultings ensures that your family never faces any problem while you're away. We also assist you in selling, renting, maintaining, and buying property in your absence efficiently. Our Property Management and Maintenance service also incorporate services like whitewashing, plumbing, carpentry, pest control etc. to assist you take care of your property in India.

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Reach Us

india Office: First Floor, Shop No 10, Shopping Arcade, Mahagunpuram, NH-24 Ghaziabad
Phone: +91 - 97184 337 144
E-mail: enquiry@iserveconsultings.com

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