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I Serve Consultings am perhaps one of the best real estate consultants of the world that provides its clients the most current and accurate advice and assistance for investment in property. It offers special deals with the leading developers and builders of India and abroad and thus, can offer you special discounts on the best properties.

The vast experience of I Serve Consultings in the real estate industry helps them to judge the fair price of a property; so that the customers can buy and sell his property at an attractive price. It also has an eye for every minute detail about the property that might escape you as a first-time buyer.


Locating the perfect property to suit your needs based on our sound experience and knowledge of the market..

Providing superior service.

Believing in long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

Recommending those investments in residential and commercial property that will fetch assured returns.

Delivering results to the client’s satisfaction with sincerity and dedication.

I Serve Consultings is always committed to provide its customers with the dream property of their choice. Hence, it ensures that its services are tailored to provide its customers with the maximum convenience.

Reach Us
Reach Us

india Office: First Floor, Shop No 10, Shopping Arcade, Mahagunpuram, NH-24 Ghaziabad
Phone: +91 - 97184 337 144
E-mail: enquiry@iserveconsultings.com

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